Our Products

At FC Architectural, we have the capability of producing a wide range of specialist fabrications. 


Our products include ACM panels, flashings and an extensive range of bespoke fabrications. Architectural features including; flashings, curved flashings,  bullnoses, curved fascia’s, column castings and soffit panels, membrane lined single skin and insulated gutters, rainwater goods and accessories, louvres, soakers and braketry.

Insulated Gutters

Gutters are manufactured to order to suit customer’s requirements.  These can be manufactured from a range of materials including pre- or post-galvanised steel, membrane lined steel and aluminium, either mill finish or polyester powder coated to match most colours.

Gutters can be supplied single skin or composite dependant on requirements.  Jointing can be achieved with a butt/joint strap, a joggle or an overlap.  Accessories such as fixings and sealants are also available.

For smaller gutter requirements we can supply Fascia gutters.  These can be produced in pre-coated steel and aluminium, PVDF, or a single/double sided plastic coated steel.  They are also available in self-finish galvanised or aluminium material, with the option of polyester powder coating if required.

A full range of fabricated accessories including outlets, over flows, junctions, gutter brackets and sump boxes are also available.